Create and conduct polls all within Cisco Spark

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How It Works

Create a Poll

Ask questions your way

Design your questions Ask unlimited questions and choose the format for the answers such as multiple choice, short-answer or attachments.

Choose your audience Select a team, individuals or a department to participate in the poll. Learn more about your team and organisation!

Get Answers

Users answer questions inside Cisco Spark

Built for the way your team communicates Users can respond directly through Cisco Spark or on the mobile application, without leaving the conversation.

Easy to survey employees Team members can quickly respond to Leopoll and you can gather valuable data about your organisation.

Real-Time Results

Your results instantly

All results in one place Leopoll provides real-time data, collated in an easy to view dashboard with graphs.

Valuable insights Learn more about your team and organisation by using Leopoll. The types of polls you can send to your organisation are endless.

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Leopoll is free during beta period

frequently asked questions

  • Who is Leopoll?

    Leopoll is a bot that can conduct a poll inside of Cisco Spark.

  • What is a bot?

    A bot is short for ‘robot’ and can be thought of as a user inside a chat platform which can perform tasks for users in a room. A bot can send messages, ask questions, respond to messages or post files. A bot is limited in that it is not a real person.

  • What is a poll?

    A poll is one or more questions that requires a user to submit an answer.

  • Why would I need to use a poll?

    You can use polls in many different ways in an organisation.

    • - You can send a poll to your organisation to gather employee satisfaction with multiple choice or short answer questions.
    • - You can use a poll to send out a link for HR training and require the user to advise you once the training is completed.
    • - You can survey your team and ask them what they would like to do for the next team event.
    • - You can ask the organisation to read a document, sign it and attach the document as their response.

    The opportunities to use a poll in your organisation to gather data from your organisation and to conduct work is endless.

  • How do I create a poll?

    You will need a Cisco Spark account to get started .

  • How can polls help my organisation?

    You can communicate the way your organisation likes by using Cisco Spark. No need for a user to complete an external form or click a link to a survey website. Your team members can provide their answers right inside Cisco Spark. You can gain useful insight, obtain information and survey your team members - all within Cisco Spark. Let your team’s opinions be heard!

  • How do I choose who my poll is sent to?

    Leopoll connects to Cisco Spark so you can choose teams or individual users within your organisation to send a poll to.

  • Can I choose what date my poll starts?

    Yes, you can choose a start date and time that you would like your poll to begin.

  • What type of answer formats does Leopoll have?

    You can choose from multiple choice, short answers or an attachment.

  • Where will I see the results of my poll?

    You will see the results of your poll on Leopoll’s dashboard in real-time.

  • Can I cancel a poll once I have created it?

    Yes you can cancel a poll once you have created it. The poll will be ended and users will no longer be able to view or answer the poll.

  • Can I end a poll once I have sent it out?

    Yes you can, the poll will be ended for all users.

  • How much is Leopoll?

    We are currently in beta and appreciate your feedback on Leopoll. During this beta period, Leopoll is free.

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